Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh SNAP! The shrink refuses to help.

Saroyan: What I need is your advice on how to tell Michelle that she has the option of going to one of the best universities in the world.

Dr. Sweets: Unfairly and illegitimately.

Saroyan: I'd rather not put it to her that way.

Dr. Sweets: I can't help you.

Saroyan: Why not? Some sort of professional code of ethics?

Dr. Sweets: No, my own personal code of ethics.

Oghhh... That is soooo cool. Gotta have the integrity, my friend.

Sometimes the professional code of ethics is just not enough that you need to create your own personal code of ethics.

Picture from : BONES TV Series

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy epicness, The Jeffster!

Ahahahahaha... Shit I love it, the way they beat Coldplay and Snow Patrol to pieces.

Don't get me wrong. I, too, listen to some of Snow Patrol and Coldplay. But hey, I just love these boys for re-glorifying the 80's and 70's music :))


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Opinion towards --> these four French films.

So the French Film Festival is now officially over in Jakarta, marked by the screening of "Of Gods and Men" last Sunday evening.

While it was still running, I managed to watch four films out of that plenty choices offered by the festival. And what are those four films? Here they are...

"Bank Error in Your Favor" (About two men who wanted to start a restaurant business but did not have enough money and couldn't get any loan.)

I watched it a week ago, obviously I've forgotten a lot about it now, so I've got nothing much to say.

But I do remember it being really funny in one scene, where the family experienced an awkward situation as they were shocked by the revelation that their teenage daughter was having romantic relationship with someone old, older than them. And I think that's that, the only part worth remembering.

However, right after watching the film I made a note to rate this film. But it was just the rating, sadly without any explanation. Based on my notes, I gave this film a 3/5.

"Second Chance" (About a guy that brings bad luck to the people around him, especially the ones he loves.)

Second Chance is one of that films that contain A LOT of funny moments, hilarious scenes, from the beginning till the middle of it. But then by the time real conflict starts to emerge, the mood of the film changes from exciting to flat. And you're just like, "Okay... Allright..." 'Cause without the laughter it's just an 'okay'; it's nothing bad, but nothing impressive either.

Typical romantic comedy, I mean. But this one is still good, 'cause sometimes there are romantic comedies that even failed at being funny, while at the same time, they also offered nothing impressive. In the end, Second Chance deserves quite a good grade for being entertaining and hilarious. 3.5/5.

"With Love from the Age of Reason" (About a tough, mature, successful woman who gets distracted by letters she received from a 7-year-old.)

What I like about this film, is that it is heartwarming and inspiring. It basically tells us to slow down with our life and take a look back for a while, for things that matters to us, or at least, things that used to matter to us.

Sophie Marceau as the leading actress did great in this film. That one part when she decided to dig the well, seemed like Lara Croft combined with She-Hulk stuff there. Yeah! She was mad!!! Tough stuff.

Anyway, that little kid that played the 7-year-old is adorable, and the expression when in one scene she appeared on the mirror was priceless. It's like she was almost expressionless, flat... but it didn't bother me. It's good that it was like that.

However, what bothers me is the fact that the film likes to change its dialogue from French to English to French to English... That's distracting. And there are things I still don't understand, like, what does "Je t'aime" mean on that letter? And what did the boy and the dad see in that well? I don't like it when I don't quite get it. It's forcing me to guess. All in all, With Love from the Age of Reason gets 3.6/5.

"All that Glitters" (About two best friends, faking and masking their poor lives to impress the people from the upper social class.)

All that Glitters is this kind of film that is so, so good in the beginning, that you dare to jump into conclusion that you fucking love the film, while, really, you've only been watching it for ten minutes or so. Yup, it's one of those films. *Don't tell me you don't have that kind of film in your life.*

The problem with this kind of film is, usually after that glorious beginning, the film couldn't maintain its glory throughout the entire film. I loved the beginning of this film so much, I expected the film to keep the mood exciting like that, even when conflict had to arise. But that's too much of an expectation, no? Not every film can pull that off. So there you go, the sense of being pulled down to the ground after being flown to the sky.

Nonetheless, this film is very funny and it has a good drama. I'm very simple when it comes to seeking satisfaction in a drama. All I need is a good screaming, and shouting, and crying... Voilà! It's a good drama. Only the act has to be superbly convincing, otherwise, it'll be a crap 'cause I don't believe the genuine of the emotion.

"Look at me... Look at me! I'll die before I talk to you again." [teary eyed]

(It is much cooler in French, of course, but I couldn't find the dialogue on the internet, so...)

Excellent acting by both Leïla Bekhti and Géraldine Nakache as the leading actresses. And plus I have to admit my admiration for Géraldine Nakache since she is also the co-writer and the co-director of the film. Young woman with such accomplishment? I need as much inspiration as I can get.

For being my favorite in the first ten minutes-ish, for being hilarious, for the excellent acting by all of the cast, and for the inspiration it brings, All that Glitters gets 4/5.

So that's it. The four films I watched in this year's festival. Well, actually I also wanted to watch "Heartbreaker", "Bacon on the Side", and "Hands Up", but unfortunately for some reasons it just didn't happen. But, you know, I'll find a way to catch up. You know what I mean? Ahiahihahaihaiha... ;D

Monday, April 18, 2011

But I Can't Promise You Forever

You're going outside... to live the night.

To be in the dark...

To be away from the light.

Get down and sit.

To feel the greasy grass on your feet.

Cut out a piece of your heart,

put it in a jar,

lay the love and desire,

and the fire shall linger.

This is nothing original. Just an interpretation.