Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Modern Day "Gender Equality"

Since yesterday, I've been trying to recall Dustin Hoffman's character's name where in one of his films he played a man who pretended to be a woman. I tried to remember his character's name in that film, but apparently, it's actually the TITLE of the film that I needed. Not the name of his character, not "Michael", not "Dorothy", it's "Tootsie" that I've been looking for.

I needed the word "Tootsie" to pop up once again in my head.

Why? Here's why: There is a comedy gem, somewhere stored in my memory bank, that I couldn't withdraw, without the word "Tootsie" in my memory.

And now that I've found it, the memory deposit box is unlocked, baby! Here comes the gem!


It's the same wavy hair,
the same (manly) clothes, even the shoes,
the same loose-fitting, baggy attire,
the similar walk,
same build, same height (she's only 2 cm shorter than he is).

It's everything Dustin Hoffman was when he was in Tootsie. I mean, when he was playing as the male character, not the female one.

And when Frank Rossitano uttered the word TOOTSIE, I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Huahahah!!! It was spot on!

Now THAT was one of the gems presented by 30 Rock.

-All Tina Fey pictures taken from: 30 Rock TV Series
-All Dustin Hoffman original pictures taken from: imdb.com/title/tt0084805

Sunday, August 21, 2011

No One is Paying Me

Tadi gw liat iklan Head & Shoulders yang baru untuk pertama kali. Tau kan? Yang iklannya tentang orang-orang dari penjuru dunia ditanya soal sampo ketombe terbaik nomor dua di dunia apaan, dan terus mereka bilang ngga tau. Tapi pas mereka ditanya sampo ketombe terbaik nomor satu di dunia apaan, mereka bisa jawab: "Head & Shoulders".

Funny thing is, sedetik sebelom mereka jawab "Head & Shoulders", gw pun ngejawab dengan jawaban yang sama: Head & Shoulders. I even said that out loud. Dan ternyata gw benar! Ternyata emang iklan tersebut iklan Head & Shoulders.

Nah, kenapa bisa tepat, padahal sebelomnya gw ga pernah liat iklan tersebut? Gw pikir, pasti alasannya terletak di antara tiga hal berikut ini:

Yang pertama, Head & Shoulders marketing campaign nya bagus banget selama ini, sampe-sampe nempel di benak masyarakat (termasuk gw) kalo sampo merek tersebut megang banget kata "anti-ketombe". You know, like Volvo owns the word "safety"! Makanya ketika pertanyaan di iklan tersebut muncul, so I was thinking about... *POP!!* Head & Shoulders.

Yang kedua, I don't know, I guess yang namanya sampo anti ketombe yang mendunia yang populer cuma Head & Shoulders ama Clear. Dan yang gw perhatikan, iklannya Clear yang masuk Indonesia sih gitu-gitu aja konsepnya. Jadi pas gw liat iklan ini, I was thinking, "Well this doesn't feel like one of Clear's ads." Maka dari itu, yang tersisa jawabannya cuma satu: Head & Shoulders.

And besides, Head & Shoulders selama ini gw perhatiin emang agak-agak kreatif dalam mengiklankan produknya. Contoh, product placement dalam film Evolution tahun 2001. Yang bener aja, ceritanya di film itu si alien bisa dimusnahin pake sampo, dan tentunya, particularly, sampo tersebut adalah sampo Head & Shoulders. Hahahah it was almost like a joke.

Dan yang ketiga, kenapa gw jawab "Head & Shoulders" untuk pertanyaan yang dilontarkan tersebut, yeaaa... probably because I'm actually using it.

Kinda subjective, I know. Maybe subconsciously I WANT what I have to be "the best". I want what I have to "WIN". Which is perfectly understandable, if you ask me. And that's why I answered: "Head and Shoulders".

Monday, August 15, 2011

To Partly Lift the Burden

A perfectionist came to realization one day, that it was okay not to be flawless in creating or making something.

A product, or a creation doesn't have to be perfect for two reasons.

The first reason is because a product doesn't have to be "impervious", as long as it is "strong". By definition, something that's impervious is something that's impenetrable, cannot be penetrated. On the contrary, something that is strong can be penetrated, or damaged, or disturbed, but still managed to survive.

Using that analogy, in product creation, or art creation, or any kind of creation, an impervious creation is equal to a "perfect" creation: the ones where all aspects have been considered, all scenarios have been foreseen, problems that might occur have been tackled so they won't have to occur, and all else.

But a strong creation doesn't have to be all that. Yes it may have flaws here and there, but if it's good enough, the flaws should be tolerable and we can live with that. Creating a strong product means creating product that has surpassed a certain point of standards, but deciding not to go toward perfection in order to relieve the pressure, and accepting reality that after all we're human. We're bound to make it imperfect.

The second reason why a creation doesn't have to be perfect is because by not obsessing over perfection--a "10 out of 10" product--we get to create more, we get to be more "productive". Yes, probably we can obsess over one product and make it our masterpiece of work, but due to the time and energy we would consume, we'd probably only make one kind of thing in a long time.

But if we're okay and settled at "8 out of 10" or "9 out of 10" creations, we probably can move on to the next creation earlier, faster, sooner. Thus, we create more in variety, and be more productive.

At the end, it is not about avoiding perfections, but rather, it's about allowing ourselves for imperfections if they have to occur.

*P.S.: The comparison between "impervious" and "strong", and how those terms
were put here, were borrowed from one of popular TV Shows from America.*