Friday, April 27, 2012

The Aftermath

I am one of those people who do experiment on life. You know that blog, Yeah, the dude kinda experimented about how life would be like if he lived his without goals. Me? I've done some too, in late 2011, about two-weeks experiment on how life without Twitter feels like. But that's like "Pfftt...", I know. You want something more serious? Well here goes, I've been experimenting on how life would be like if I live mine without a plan, for about 1 year now. Yep, have been trying out what Dan Pink there said in his career comic book: "There is no plan."

I thought, "Hey, life with a plan? I've learned that life doesn't exactly go as you plan. And I've also learned that my dreams often change anyway. So, life with a plan? Didn't work. Now let's try life without a plan. To live in the now." So yeah, in case you're wondering, I did it and what I get is a life with no clear vision, you just feel and receive whatever comes at you, kinda feel like a passive thing, as in, you don't take control of your life, and let universe, or destiny, or fate just unfold itself in front of you.

"Oh I feel like doing this, oh I feel like making it a business, you know." It's like you have these urges, or like impulsive feelings to do stuffs at certain moments. But then as the flame dies out, your interest dies out, well what do you got?

Life... gets too cluttered without plans. Living in the now... It has its fine moments, yeah. But then again, that's what you get: you live in the now. The problem with it, is, when your "now" is good then it's all good, but when it's bad, what are you gonna look forward to for tomorrow? Well you have no plans, right? So...

This "I have no plan" thinking might actually work if you put yourself out there, like you're an Into the Wild kinda person, a "Christopher McCandless", just let yourself be blown by the wind, wherever-life-takes-me kinda person. But for me, it doesn't work for me. Well at least not for my today's self. Maybe in the future. Who knows?

So, with this, I'm not encouraging that anyone must have plan in their life, or have no plan, but I'm merely reporting the ups and downs of it, and also announcing that I'm closing down the no-plan phase of my life. But if you're so curious about how it really feels like, well you can always give it a try: live a life with no plan. Our experiments may result in different findings. I'm sure a different personality type will handle planless life differently than me, though I'm not sure a Type-A person would really consider doing it in the first place. Really? A Type-A with a planless life? It's so contradictory I'm not sure I could ever find one.