Saturday, May 19, 2012

Letting Go: First Off, the Books.

So here's the plan, I wanna get rid of some stuffs in my room and reduce the amount of my belongings to just what's essential for me. And the rest of the goods, I'm gonna donate it to whomever; it has yet to be decided.

For starters, I'm gonna go with books. Here are the books that I decided to let go:

- Meg Cabot's "Perfect Princess" and "Princess Lessons". Yes I did read those books when I was a teenager. Why? To learn about good manners that a girl should have... among other things. And now, it's time for another girl in another place to learn about it too.

- "Saya Terbakar Amarah Sendirian!" by André Vltchek and Rossie Indira. It was a good book about the late Indonesian famous author. Can I say that he was also a humanist? Mmm, probably. His name's Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Inspiring book. People should read it, 'cause it's about his life story.

- Some magazines, including a boating magazine which I bought when I was traveling abroad. For the record, I don't sail or anything; I wanna try but for now I must be satisfied with just looking.

- "Cuek-cuek Cinta" by Ditta Wahab. A book written by one of my favorite radio DJ's.

- "Ouch!!!" by Melanie Subono. A book written by a liaison officer of a music concert organizer. It's about the ins and outs of music concert business. Time for this book to inspire other peeps out there.

Hmm, wait, what about those books that I bought myself but I haven't finished reading... because... I'm not motivated to continue reading them? Damn it, what am I gonna do with those? I'm afraid if I let them go they're actually good, but because I don't finish them I'm missing out. Alright. I'm keeping two: "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" by Choderlos de Laclos, and "Dewa Ruci" by Cornelis Kowaas. And the rest, I let them go: some books about business, and some fictions.

Lastly, here are the books I decided to keep for a reason:

- "Hello Sunshine" by Ryan Adams, 'cause I just love the man, I mean, I'm a fan!

- "Java Musikindo Presents WOW!!" by Carry Nadeak--a book about Adrie Subono and his company, because the book was personally signed by Adrie Subono himself when I interviewed him.

- One "Crayon Shin-chan" comic book, as a tribute to the late Yoshito Usui. And besides, I bought the book when I was in Malaysia, so it's in Malaysian!

Okay... I think everything is on board, right? Ready to be shipped? Oh, look at that! I still got books and comics in my wardrobe! Ok, those too, go to the donation box.

Alright. What I learn from all of this process is that I used to like reading. I don't know, what happened to me? That I'm now not so interested in reading anymore. My guess, computer and the internet are capturing my attention, and also, I still like reading, but I like reading stuffs that I can finish in minutes, not hours or days. Such as, reading articles. Is this attention span problem or commitment issues? Ahahaha...