Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two Botanists and the Attack of a Gigantic Plant

I just had an awesome dream last night. It was about the discovery of Rafflesia arnoldii flower by two botanists. One botanist is the geeky smart type, and very typical as he's wearing glasses, and the other is the buff and tough type, sort of like Indiana Jones, and he's wearing a denim jacket.

The dream was sort of like I was watching a film on TV or a TV show. As I watched the TV in my dream, I was thinking that it's sorta cool, that it's a unique program (or film, not sure if it was playing one time only or that it would be coming every week on my dream-TV). So anyway it was on TV, right? But for some reason I feel like I was there, with them, but I wasn't the smart botanist nor the buff botanist--I was just with them. So if the scene or the view is that they're in a forest, then I'm in a forest too. If the scene is that they're in a room, I'm in a room too.

Anyway, back to the story, these botanists unintentionally find the flower, Rafflesia arnoldii, when they are in a forest, you know, doing their thing, researching or whatever. And suddenly they find this new flower, and they're in awe as the flower is sooo... big. I mean, SO big. Bigger than the actual Rafflesia arnoldii. It's probably as big as a Zeppelin balloon, and it's so tall it is hanging in the sky. To be honest, though, it is nothing like the real Rafflesia arnoldii. Anyway, these botanists, they kinda awaken the flower, and now the flower is reacting. It moves, it shows its cracks (I don't know why it has cracks, is this a flower or a dry soil, really?), and then one of its parts, like it is the plant's hand who has a mouth in a shape of a tulip, it opens and gobbles another plant. Whoa... It is the testament to its superiority. It's like this flower is from prehistoric era. Like it belongs with the dinosaurs but for some reason it survives til this day and age. And the botanists are staring in wonder as the plant they just discovered is so grand and magnificent.

But then their admiration has to stop because suddenly the plant is attacking them. You know, the hand parts that have mouths starting to open and try to devour them. It opens again as before, and it's aiming at the botanists. And the hands of the plant are so strong that every time they miss their target and crash to the ground, the ground cracks... and kaboom! The geeky botanist is separated from the buff botanist. And as I'm also in the scene, for some reason I'm following the geeky botanist. So I don't know what happens with the buff botanist, whether the plant still attacks him or not (but later I found out that the buff botanist was still alive).

So, all we know is that at this point the plant is attacking us and chasing us, it still wants to eat us. And we run and we run like crazy, and then we see this building, I don't know why there's a building inside a forest but there is. Anyway, we run toward the building and we want to come in so that we can be safe from being eaten by the plant. But when we're near the building, it shuts its windows and doors. Whoa. What the hell, right? We can't get inside, but for some reason, and I don't know how we get there (do we fly or do we climb?), we're able to run to the building's roof. The roof has a triangular shape, like in houses, so we run to its peak and head to the other side of the roof. But then the geeky botanist that's running with me stumbles and falls to the ground. He crashes really hard that his glasses are broken and shattered to pieces.

While in panicky situation, he shouts,

"Where's my book? Where's my book?"

You see, he's trying to find out how to tame the plant by the guidance of his big book of plant encyclopedia. Although it sounds kinda stupid, as this Rafflesia arnoldii is a newly discovered plant and we won't find any info from the book, but possibly the botanist has a sound reason. Maybe there will be a way to tame a similar plant to this, or maybe there's an info on how to make the most dangerous substance that could poison the plant, I don't know, I'm not the botanist. Anyway, we can't find his book, what's more, we can't find the book in time, as now the geeky botanist is lying on the ground and cornered. The plant is already closing up on us and it's about to eat him, when suddenly... Ultraman comes to our rescue. He shoots laser from his hands and defends us from the plant. I don't know why for some reason there's Ultraman. And why, of all the superheroes that exist in this world, does it have to be Ultraman? I guess the setting is in Japan.

So, we were saved by Ultraman. And now the dream skips to "some time later". The geeky botanist, and the buff botanist are reunited. And now they're attempting to tame this Rafflesia arnoldii with a plan, with science. They're attempting to study the plant by getting inside one of the plant's mouths that is wide open but currently harmless. Somehow, we have now gained understanding that the plant will not know the existence of foreign objects such as human beings near it, if the object doesn't make a sound. So they are going to send the buff botanist in, since he is more fit, I guess, and the activity is sort of physical anyway so he's fit for the task. He starts getting ready to climb down the plant's mouth with a rope, and he's now hanging above the plant's mouth. But the buff botanist, as stereotyped as ever, is cocky--as in Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man cocky. And since the buff botanist is a bit cocky and mischievous, he teases the plant by snapping his rubber glove that he's wearing, and says,

"See? It doesn't move, right? It can't hear us."

But then something falls off his hand and goes right into the plant's mouth. And it makes a sound. And now the plant completely recognizes that there is foreign object near it. So it goes crazy on us again, it attacks us again, and we have to run again. And when we're threatened and cornered, Ultraman saves us again.

Skips to some time later, suddenly, for some reason that I can't comprehend, we end up in Ultraman's house. Well, probably because Ultraman saved us, and he took us to his place. But more precisely, I guess we're in Ultraman's bedroom. It's sort of like a rented room, really. And if you've watched Ultraman, you know that when Ultraman is not in his transformation he looks just like an ordinary guy, living in an ordinary house. This Ultraman guy, when he's not fighting monsters and saving people, is just like an ordinary college guy: casual, laid-back, wearing shorts and T-shirt. Too bad, before the dream continued, my dad woke me up.

-the end-