Saturday, April 30, 2016

What Playing a First-Person Shooter Game Taught Me

Have you ever played Call of Duty?

In COD (Call of Duty), every time you're hit, you bleed. The more bullets you take, the worse your injury will be. One shot, just a little cut. Few shots, bigger cut. More shots, blood all over you. Take one more hit and you'll die.

That's what's gonna happen when you keep marching forward when you're bleeding.

What you should do instead, is retreat while you wait for your severe wound to heal. Hide behind the boxes for like 10 seconds, and you're fresh to resume shooting the enemies.

Same principle is applicable in real life.

You're on a mission. You're fighting your fight. You put yourself in the arena. But the arena is harsh and merciless. You are hit and you're bleeding.

Disappointment, one shot.

Rejection, two shots.

Failure, the whole magazine.

Still, you keep going forward because you believe in your mission.

But isn't that stupid? Using COD analogy, that's like stubbornly going forward when you're severely wounded, ignoring your need to retreat and heal. You're likely to die in the cold, isolated village somewhere in Russia.

In actual life scenario, the COD death is equivalent to burning out and eventually quitting the mission you once believed in.

If that's the case, it's not just you who will be sorry, but the world too. The world needs its fighters, people who can make it a better place. And the world would benefit more if you would allow yourself to stop for a while so you can resume your mission later rather than burning out and shutting down the mission altogether.

Check your status, are you bathing in your own blood or are you fresh for a fight?

If you're bleeding, retreat, heal and resume. 

Know when to stop so you never have to stop.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ingredients of a Perfect Romance Marathon

Some Irish whiskey...

Once (2007) 7.9 from 88,353 votes

A musical that sends chill down your spine. Afterwards, you will pick up a guitar, trying to imitate how HE performed it.

Some Indian spice...

Barfi! (2012) 8.2 from 51,480 votes

It is comedy all right. But don't be fooled, it is also capable of saying something so deep without the need of a single word.

Some French wine...

Love Me If You Dare (Jeux d'enfants) (2003) 7.7 from 54,312 votes

Crazy and fun film that helps you realize just how flat your life has been.

Heartbreaker (L'arnacoeur) (2010) 6.8 from 20,572 votes

A decent comedy carried out by respectable French actors that gets you constantly laughing.

Rust and Bone (De rouille et d'os) (2012) 7.5 from 46,723 votes

Why do certain actors got awards and nominations so often? Things start to make sense as you see Cotillard's performance here.

Some English tea...

If Only (2004) 7.2 from 26,241 votes

This film will flood you with emotions. The numb ones will feel something again.

Some spirits of youth...

Love & Basketball (2000) 7.2 from 13,893 votes

Basketball fans can be proud of having this nice blend of sport and romance as their film.

Flipped (2010) 7.7 from 58,051 votes

The atmosphere is perfect. The soundtracks are perfect. The decision to use dual-perspective when there's a lot of misunderstandings is perfect.

And finally, the secret sauce...

5 to 7 (2014) 7.1 from 7,398 votes

Some films fuck with your head, this one fucks with your heart, but in a good way.

This recipe is a hand-picked selection of the best romance films between 2000-2015 period that aren't extremely popular.

To qualify for it being not that popular, it has to have less than 100,000 votes on IMDb.

To ensure the quality of the film, it has to have at least 6.5 score on IMDb. (Audience rating is my benchmark as I assume neither of us is a film critic with ultra-high standard.)


*Images are taken from IMP Awards except for If Only (taken from IMDb)