Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kerber the Late Bloomer

Some people are just not done. Heck, they might've only just begun.

Earlier this year I made a post about Angelique Kerber and how her winning Australian Open surprised me, especially considering my personal story of her.

As things unfold, she solidified her earlier result with impressive records, thus making my post even heavier with irony.

She's turned what used to be zero slams, zero weeks at No. 1, zero medals, zero YEC titles into two slams, a silver medal, and becoming world No. 1, while the YEC is set to run later in October.

In case anybody missed it, this is the highlight of Angie's career this year: 
-winning Australian Open, 
-reaching the final of Wimbledon, 
-reaching the final of Olympics, 
-becoming world #1, and,
-winning US Open. 

Scary good.

Just... I'm still amazed at how she turned her situation "overnight". Angie Kerber is "overnight success" personified. I know it's actually not. I'm sure behind the scene she's working hard practicing, training, and doing a lot of things right--all of that under the radar. But what we see on screen is this woman, suddenly, boom, came out of nowhere. Breaking through at 28. Winning things left and right. 

I think this is the first time in many years, since 2011 to be exact, someone has a better season than Serena Williams. Even if Serena ends up winning the YEC, we could still make a pretty strong case on whose season this is.

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